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Launched in 2003, this lender is famous for "soft pull", meaning they do not damage your credit score in order to generate an offer.

Loan range: 5000 - 150000

Term range: 270 - 540

Loan Types Offered:

Merchant Cash Advance Small Business Loan

Revenue min: 16000

Years min: 365

Credit min: 550

Balance on loans max (%):

Defaults: true

Seasonal: true

Existingach: true

Acceptcc: true

Tax liens: true

Countries of business:

United States

Prohibited States:

North Dakota Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont Guam US Virgin Islands Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico

Prohibited Industries:

Adult Entertainment Agricultural / Farms Auto Dealerships Bail Bonds Check Cashing Collection Agencies Escort Services Factoring Organizations Firearms Sales Fraternity / Sorority Gambling Illegal Products or Services Investment Opportunities Management Consulting Mortgage Lenders Non-bank Cash Advances Pawn Shops Non-Profit Political Campaign / Committees Public Administration Real Estate Management Companies State & Government Agencies Virtual Auction Houses Wire Transfers

Legal_entities served:

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