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MCAs - How'd You Get My Info!? Shedding Light on a Shady Industry

@funderhunt 2018-11-10

It's a common theme across the entire industry, you submit an application with lender A, and before you know it, you've got lender B, C, and seemingly the whole alphabet calling you on a regular basis to see "if you got that funding you were looking for". The calls can still come out of left field long after you've been funded. Learn how to protect yourself in this latest edition of the Funder Blog.

Business Funding Brokers Kiss Their Assets Goodbye

@funderhunt 2018-11-08

For years, the business funding industry has been something like the wild west, complete with lawlessness (lack of regulation), crime (fraud, theft, etc.), and downright predatory practices.

Merchant Cash Advances - What Underwriters Are Looking For

@funderhunt 2018-11-06

Rates vary greatly in the lending world, from "prime" rates on mortgages, all the way up to high interest credit cards and, you guessed it, the ever-popular financial vehicle for businesses known as the merchant cash advance.

How eCommerce Stores Can Solve Working Capital Problems

@funderhunt 2018-10-15

There is a little number of e-commerce that survives beyond a few years from their launch, and research shows that about 80 - 90% of online stores fail. Why is this? Many reasons cause this, and it's even a fierce game for starters as the eCommerce niche is highly competitive but has a very low barrier to entry.

8 Ways a Business Loan Can Boost Your Success

@funderhunt 2018-10-15

Business is like a war front and your small business might need funding often times – there are many reasons why your business might need funding and some of them might be to expand or alleviate seasonal lulls or hire more employees.

“Merchant Cash Advances” - What To Know.

@funderhunt 2018-10-15

Every day, tens of thousands of businesses find themselves looking for a capital injection of some sort. With all the conflicting information (and misinformation) on the internet, one can easily find themselves downright befuddled. What are the best options out there? What do I qualify for?

7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Expanding Your Business

@funderhunt 2018-09-08

One thing on every small business owner (especially when their business tart to do well) is expansion. It’s a mere idea known to thousands, and millions of people are expanding and becoming a “big” business.

Top 4 Small Business Trends for 2018

@funderhunt 2018-08-17

This particular season has been hard for many entrepreneurs and there as also been a reported increase in optimism among the business community.

3 Battles Mom and Pop Businesses Can Win

@funderhunt 2018-07-20

One of the toughest types of people you will find in the business world are the mom and pop business owners.

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