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How to get a business loan (even if your credit is subpar and every bank has said no in the past)

@funderhunt 2021-08-13

Introducing a little-known option that few business owners have heard about, yet receive life-changing results when they do

4 Strategies From Army Generals You Can Apply To Your Business For Success

@funderhunt 2021-08-14

Many army generals are down in history as the best army leaders because of their notoriety and success in war activities. Many of them are figures to emulate in everyday life scenarios, including businesses, thanks to their unique strategies.

$10,000 Funding Loan Approved for Business - Funding America S01-E01

@funderhunt 2021-03-24

Davron Karimov is a 22 year old merchant cash advance broker, recently moved to Miami from New York, He came down to help America in this time of need, during the pandemic, getting capital to business owners. This is Funderhunt.

We got Featured in deBanked Magazine

@funderhunt 2021-03-04

In February 2021, I was featured in an article on DeBanked. The article, “Broker in Early Twenties Builds MCA Business in Less Than Three Years”, was written by Kevin Travers and is about my journey from being $10,000 in debt to collecting over $200,000 a year in commission. How did this happen?

Three Situations to Avoid as a Business Owner Seeking Financing

@funderhunt 2021-02-25

A merchant cash advance business has its trials and tribulations. Working with many different business owners leads to some interesting situations. I wanted to share with you some examples from recent transactions and take you behind the scenes so you can get a peek at some situations you might run into too.

Current State of Funding During Coronavirus

@funderhunt 2020-05-02

Right now we have a lot of people that are not getting approved for business loans, merchant cash advances, or other types of unsecured lending for business lending.

How Recession Affects Underwriting for Business Loans

@funderhunt 2020-05-09

In the past few weeks, the planet has been ravaged by a pandemic that has spread globally. Some have predicted 2020 to be the worst recession in 100 years. Here we are going to discuss what effects the shutdown recession is affecting best practices of underwriting for U.S. business loans.

3 Situations to Avoid When Applying for Business Loans

@funderhunt 2020-02-26

Working Capital Daily Recap is a series where we review the top reasons business owners do not get approved for the business funding that they are looking for, why they do not get the business loan terms that they were hoping for, and situations they can avoid when looking at financing their small business or startup.

Top 5 Reasons Business Owners Don’t Get Approved for a Business Loan

@funderhunt 2020-01-28

We’ve been waiting for a long time to write about this, Hope you enjoy.

8 Ways a Business Loan Can Boost Your Success

@funderhunt 2019-07-30

Business is like a war front and your small business might need funding often times – there are many reasons why your business might need funding and some of them might be to expand or alleviate seasonal lulls or hire more employees. Well, its no doubt that you have to turn to loan every time you have finally problems with your business that does not mean you shouldn’t when there good reasons for it. There are many ways business loans can help your business and it make it successful. Here are just some of the ways a small business loan can aid your business:

The Road Less Traveled: Opportunities in Unconventional Funding

@funderhunt 2019-03-10

I recently participated in the recently concluded Governor’s Utah Economic Summit in Utah and the summit used to hold every year, bringing top leaders and decision-makers in the business, government and academic sectors of the state together. The summit aims to discuss the global economic impacts of our business communities and the economy in Utah. During this summit, I had the opportunity of moderating a different panel dedicated to discussing the issue small business face when funding. There are many experts from various sectors at this meet up, and some of them are Martha Dreiling of OnDeck who is an online lender offering term loan products between $5,000 and $500,000; Roger Shumway of Celtic Bank, an active SBA lender with working capital loans averaging $100,000; and Ana Sirbu of BlueVine, an online lender specializing in invoice factoring and line of credit products. I was able to discuss alternative funding for small businesses, and as a moderator, I was able to match small business owners to the financing from more than 75 lenders.

How eCommerce Stores Can Solve Working Capital Problems

@funderhunt 2019-07-29

There is a little number of e-commerce that survives beyond a few years from their launch, and research shows that about 80 - 90% of online stores fail. Why is this? Many reasons cause this, and it's even a fierce game for starters as the eCommerce niche is highly competitive but has a very low barrier to entry. The low barrier entry is why many unserious people rush into it making them close down at the very first hurdle. Another thing that plays a critical role in the closure of many well-funded eCommerce stores is financial mismanagement. Also, e-commerce business has fewer liabilities compared to brick-and-mortar stores, and this is one of the reasons why eCommerce businesses are so lucrative. But, why do many eCommerce stores still struggle financially?

How to Use Collateral to Secure a Business Loan

@funderhunt 2018-07-25

Business loans are one of the most common types of loans out there, and this type of loan is secured with any personal guarantee or valuable asset as collateral. But whatever you are planning to secure the loan with, you promise our lender that you will surely repay the loan at the said time and if you are not able to meet up, the lender can use the collateralized assets or personal guarantee you used to secure the business loans as a payment. To cut the story short in this type of loan you are giving the lender a sense of security that you will repay the loan and if you fail to, they can get their money back with the collateral or guarantee.

3 Battles Mom and Pop Businesses Can Win

@funderhunt 2019-02-11

One of the toughest types of people you will find in the business world are the mom and pop business owners. Research shows that they create about 57% of America GDP and they play a crucial part in the American economy. If you are mom and pop business owner you know, there are some challenges you face and find a way around it that can even be challenging for bigger business with more resources

Small Businesses Find New Ways to Keep the American Dream Alive

@funderhunt 2019-02-11

There are ups and downs in business, and there is a moment where small business owners will feel besieged. Small business is not like a big business that has huge advertising and marketing budgets. Also, lawmakers and politician are not doing anything to help small businesses, as well as they, only think about them as they only care about small businesses during election cycles. According to a press release by UPS Stores’ latest Inside Small Business Survey it shows that about two-thirds (66%) of Americans dream of owning a small business. And some of the motivators of this include being your boss (38%), believing in the power of their idea (17%), and creating their next career path (15%).

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