Davron Karimov is a 22 year old merchant cash advance broker, recently moved to Miami from New York, He came down to help America in this time of need, during the pandemic, getting capital to business owners. This is Funderhunt.


In Episode 1, Davron talks to clients to try and get their business approved for funding. With the experience that Davron has on the phone, he knows exactly what it is he has to say to a client to get them to jump the gun with Funderhunt. Constantly on phone calls, Davron makes an average of 400 phone calls per day, give or take. Making sure his pipeline is always filled with clients no matter what. “Companies are always calling us to tell us how thankful they are that us at Funderhunt could help out their business.” - Davron Karimov in episode 1. 


Davron receives a highly overleveraged client, and explains what to do with them in this case. He sends out a collateral sheet, which gives the client a small nudge towards making the deal. Some clients are more favorable with collateral to give out a stronger approval. Overleveraged is basically when you have such a high amount of debt servicing. So for example, if you're making 10 grand a month, and five grand a month is just going towards your debt servicing. That's over leverage. 


In summary, Davron is a merchant cash advance broker who brings businesses the funding they need to get their business to the next level. Talking to hundreds of people a day, Darvon is committed to getting your company money and satisfaction. If your business needs funding, make sure you go with Funderhunt. With easy online applications, Funderhunt provides its clients with the easiest possible way to get funding for your business, all hassles aside. Finding money for your business has never been so easy.