Many army generals are down in history as the best army leaders because of their notoriety and success in war activities. Many of them are figures to emulate in everyday life scenarios, including businesses, thanks to their unique strategies. 

Just like a war, your business also needs strategies to gain success. As a business owner, you need to lead like an army general by planting these strategies. 

Here are the four strategies used by the army generals which you can apply to your business:

Create a goal

To be successful in your business, you need to create a goal. You have to make your business objective clear to the people in your organization. 

Let people know what they are doing and why they’re doing it. By sharing your mind with your team, you give them a sense of reasoning and motivation.

A notable army general, Oliver Cranwell, defeated his enemies, the Royalty forces, by bringing his people together through religion. 

Meet your team needs

Meeting their needs does not mean just giving people too much of what they need; it's understanding what they want. 

For example, Napoleon spent his time with his soldiers during his fight against French Revolution. This enabled him to understand their needs and help them perform.

In business, you’ve got to understand and meet the needs of the people in your organization for them to perform better.

Be prepared for anything

Just like in war, many unpredictable things can occur in your business too. And sometimes many strategies you have, like a leader, can not work for you. You, therefore, need to be flexible and adaptable to change.

Napoleon was a smart and confident army general. He always knew that not everything could go as planned. 

As a business leader, be prepared to make changes to your mind and goals but still focusing on your vision and ultimate goal. 

Build trust and communication

Have policies that appeal to the likes and wants of your team. Policies such as using jokes or casual conversations in the organization can help people in opening up. Therefore, build trust in your organization through communication. 

Hannibal Barca is regarded as the best army general in history for his inspiring stories and speeches about gladiators in battle. 


These notable army generals are regarded as the best in history because of their success, which came as a result of the above-discussed strategies.

Applying these army general strategies in your business will certainly guarantee your business growth and success.