This particular seasons has been hard for many entrepreneurs and there as also been a reported increase in optimism among the business community. According to an American Express report, it shows that about 10% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the US expect significant revenue growth in the next year. The fact that the small business space is so dynamic it requires that entrepreneurs should keep an eye on new regulation, developments, and trends. Listed below are five trends that will define small business this year and the ones to come:

1.    Regulation

Recently, FunderHunt carried out a survey showing 41 percent of small business proprietors consider trump’s recent executive order on enterprise law will assist their enterprise. Regulation will stay a hot topic within the fintech world, with the destiny of the state-by means of-kingdom licensing machine in question. In December, the office of the Comptroller of the forex (occ) announced it's far thinking about making different motive national financial institution charters to be had to fintech corporations. Additionally, we’re seeing many banks forming partnerships with tech companies to make it easier for clients to percentage their statistics with 1/3 parties via software programming interfaces (APIs). Compliance about APIs becomes another important topic as a generation, and small business collide.

2.    Technological advances 

There as dependably been an unfurling of innovation with mechanization and human-made reasoning modernizing forms in all enterprises. Mechanical headways in information and investigation, web-based life, and portable figuring are helping independent ventures work all the more proficiently and aggressively, and we'll see assist extension around there in 2017. As versatile innovation propels, search for more far-reaching portable installment alternatives, for example, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung pay to wind up fundamental to a private company.

3.    Convergence

As commercial center loaning builds its offer of the independent venture advance exchange pie, banks and other customary money related organizations are beginning to acknowledge and perceive that fintech organizations are setting down deep roots. Commercial center advances keep on transforming the loaning procedure by offering more advanced choices with less administrative and framework limitations than conventional banks.

4.    Franchising 

This is developing for the seventh back to following year in succession, as indicated by an International Franchise Association report. Positive shopper spending patterns and the President's guaranteed to change work controls are expanding good faith in the establishment area, where almost 250,000 occupations could be made in 2017, as per the report. FunderHunt as of late entered the developing establishment world, offering FunderHunt Franchises that assistance entrepreneurs discover the advance they have to develop their business by utilizing FunderHunt's business capital commercial center.