In the world of business loans, you have the stalwarts, the names we have been familiar with over the last several years. You also have probably noticed a slew of new contenders recently, as this highly profitable, highly unregulated industry has attracted more talent as well as a lot more capital in recent times. 

As the competition heats up, borrowers are more frequently in search of who, whether new or old, is currently the mosteager to lend. A particular lender may have recently received a tranche of capital injection, and will offer rates and terms that are designed to close the deal. Other lenders may have recently exhausted a significant amount of their available funds, and hence  become more picky as to the types of files they fund, dollar amounts offered, rates and terms etc.. 

The truth is, the best lender for you yesterday may not be the best lender for you today, and the best lender for you today, may not be the best fit tomorrow, for a multitude of reasons. Maybe your credit score declined, and you no longer qualify for those juicy rates in the teens that you once enjoyed. Maybe your credit score, revenue or other indicator(s) of financial health improved, and you no longer need to pay, say,  1.45 for capital injections anymore. 

Today, there are many lenders in the space, some better than others for different types of files. You want to know who is currently the best for your situation, and that is probably a job for a professional if you're not looking to get fleeced, but broker fees can be hefty, as much as 10% of your loan or funded amount! Knowing someone you can trust is important, not just to protect your pocket, but also your sensitive information. Ideally, you want to ge the best rates and terms without slamming your credit score in the process, and keeping your data safe, and lastly, preferably, while avoiding hefty fees. I might know a guy. 

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